The Magic of Competency


The magic of competency presentation is designed to increase awareness of the fact that organizational health and safety performance is influenced by both the culture and capability of a workforce. These capabilities directly affect the applicability of an individual's competency to the job task or process that they have the responsibility to oversee or complete.

It is the desire of Shawn and Robert that this entertaining and magical presentation leaves their audiences with the understanding that doing the right thing is not just about attitude - it is also about having the competency to know what needs to be done and to do it.


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Magic, like any other profession, requires the development of a specific set of competencies - to hold the title of World Champion of Magic, a level of mastery is demanded. This keynote presentation looks at commonalities in assessing and developing functional competency in the areas of health and safety risk management and magic.

Functional competency is presented as demonstrable cognitive ability that can be measured at four distinct levels. The four levels of functional competency, i.e. recognition, reference, interpretation and application are sequential and understanding this relationship is vital for individual development. Each level has specific value to individuals performing various organizational functions and proper utilization can assist organizations in improving health and safety performance, quantifying personnel development, maximizing production and minimizing liability.

Whether you are an equipment operator, shift supervisor, safety advisor, human resources manager or senior executive you will leave with a greater understanding of how development efforts focused on various levels of functional competency can be translated into world class performance at both the individual and organizational level.